Let us help you make new friends in Miami. Fostering female friendship can be a challenge as we grow and change. Lady Crush can connect you with a woman in your area whose values, interests and schedule line up with yours! Lady Crush offers friend-matching services, in which you are matched with a female friend for a friend date, and we also offer group activities for women looking to make new friends.

What is a Lady Crush?

Lady Crush   \ˈlā-dē\ \krəsh\

1.  Noun. a) A woman you admire, and would like befriend.  Rihanna is my Lady Crush— I wish we could be friends. b )A non-sexual attraction from woman to woman that centers on friendship, loyalty, trust, adventure and filial love. I've got a Lady Crush on Susan Sontag. 

2. Verb. (often: Lady Crushing) To feel a non-sexual connection with a woman you do not yet know as a friend, but would like to befriend.  I'm totally Lady Crushing on Serena Williams right now. 

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